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Subvention of the EQE enrolment and examination fees

What is the "subvention" of the enrolment and examination fees for the EQE examinations?

In 2012 the EPO President decided to support prospective EQE candidates residing in the member states of the EPO which currently receive the highest level of financial support under the co-operation policy. This subvention is financed from the EPO's co-operation budget.

From which member states may EQE candidates apply for the subsidy?

Residents of the 19 member states (Albania (AL), Bulgaria (BG), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Estonia (EE), FYR of Macedonia (MK), Greece (GR), Hungary (HU), Latvia (LV), Lithuania (LT), Malta (MT), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Serbia (RS), Slovak Republic (SK), Slovenia (SI), Turkey (TR)) will be eligible to receive a Fee Subsidy, equivalent to 75% of the normal fee.

Which EQE fees are covered by this subvention?

This subvention applies both to the annual enrolment fee of €200, and to the individual examination fee of €200 per examination paper. The subsidy covers 75% of the fees. Therefore when enrolling, candidates will pay 25% of the total amount of the prescribed fees.

A candidate is eligible for a fee subsidy if he/she:

is a permanent resident and has been permanently employed for at least 6 months prior to applying for the subsidy in one of the following EPO member states AL, BG, HR, CY, CZ, EE, MK, GR, HU, LV, LT, MT, PL, PT, RO, RS, SK, SI, or TR; will file his/her application for enrolment to the EQE 2014 (see the Regulation on the European qualifying examination and the Announcement of the EQE 2014, respectively in the Supplement to OJ 12/2011 and in OJ 3/2013, p.166 and ff.); and provides the required documents as defined below.

Documentation to be provided together with this request:

Written proof of candidate's place of residence. This should be an original permanent residence permit obtained from the local government authority. A residence permit is a document identifying and confirming that the holder has a permanent residence in a given country. Written proof of his/her place of work. This should be an extract of his/her work contract or internship agreement or any official document showing his/her place of work.

How does a prospective EQE candidate request the EQE Fee Subsidy?

Prospective EQE candidates, who are eligible for the Fee Subsidy, must apply using the Request Form provided by the EPO. Requests will only be considered if made via this Request Form. This must be done prior to applying for EQE registration and enrolment.

Submission of your request for fee subsidy 2014:

You may submit your Fee Subsidy Request Form per e-mail, as a PDF, including scanned copies of all supporting documents (also as PDF) to: EQEFeeSubsidy@epo.org

You may also send your request per fax to the following number: +49 89 2399 4243.

Please do not send your requests per post, nor to any other EPO e-mail address, as this may lead to delays in processing your request, and may result in your request being refused.

The declaration and signature are compulsory to constitute a valid request.

How will I know if my request for fee subsidy has been approved?

All candidates will be informed per e-mail of the result of their request for a fee subsidy. Candidates applying for subsidies must await approval of their request before submitting their application to sit the EQE 2014.

What do I do once my request has been approved?

Successful candidates will receive a validation code which they must use when applying for registration and enrolment for the EQE 2014, via the EQE Web Portal (www.eqe.org).

A request for Fee subsidy is not a registration for the EQE examinations.

Candidates are reminded of the strict application of the closing dates for EQE enrolment.


Please note: Fee Subsidy Requests must reach the EPO no later than Monday 26 August 2013.

This is to allow for the EPO to inform each applicant as to whether or not their request for Fee Subsidy has been approved, and to allow the candidate sufficient time to register for the main EQE examinations via EQE Web Portal.

What is the relationship between the Fee Subsidy and the CSP?

This subvention is not dependent on participation of a given candidate in the EQE Candidate Support Project (CSP).

Here is the Request Form for EQE fee subsidy.