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14/10/2013Coffee Break EQE : version 3 is now launched.

02/10/2013Daily D Questions : get a daily email question on paper D.

27/08/2013Pre-exam course : registration open for 2014 course.

17/12/2012Praktika Intern 2013 : applications accepted until 31/01/2013.

20/6/2012 Pre-exam course registration opened

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This site is provided by the European Patent Academy of the EPO. It is intended to support candidates preparing for the European qualifying examination, as well as all those involved in any kind of training activities for the EQE.

About EQE-online.org

The content of this area has been put together with the support of training providers such as CEIPI, DeltaPatents, the epi as well as a number of individual tutors and - of course - all those users who made their contribution to the content over the last years. The project "EQE eLearning Centre" is managed/organised/promoted by the programme area "Professional Representatives" of the Academy. This unit is inter alia responsible for the coordination of the EPO's external training activities directed to EQE candidates.