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Paper A : Training resources

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Training resources for Paper A of the European qualifying examination

Paper A

The purpose of Paper A is to assess the ability of a candidate to draft claims and an introductory part of a European patent application. The duration of the paper is 3½ hours and it takes place on the 2nd morning of the exam week.

Paper A Resources

There are dedicated areas on EQE-Forum for Paper A Chemistry and for Paper A Electricty/Mechanics (E/M) where candidates can post questions and contribute to discussions on Paper A in general and on past papers. A tutor is available to answer questions and to give advice.

On the EQE-Wiki there are articles on how to tackle Paper A Chemistry and on how to tackle Paper A E/M. There are several commented answer papers for 2009 Paper A Chemistry which have been reviewed by a tutor and comments have been added to explain where candidates have made errors and how those errors might have been avoided.

For Paper A E/M there is a tutorial on EQE-Wiki specifically based on 2009 Paper A E/M, but many of the principles apply to the paper in general.

There is a case study for Paper A E/M which can be downloaded from EQE-Forum. Try it and post your claim.

Training Resources

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