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Daily D1 Review : 2010

European qualifying examination Paper D(JPG)

Dear EQE Candidate,

As you might be aware, over the period of 12 weeks before Christmas 2010, we published 60 questions on various topics relating to Paper DI.

You can now test your knowledge and revise, with this new tool. There are 2 modes :

  • Test Mode : You will be asked 10 random questions from your chosen selected areas.
  • Study Mode : You will be asked all questions, in a random order, from your chosen selected areas

Each question has a guide of how long you should spend doing it, and how many points an equivalent question in the exam might be worth. These are only guides and are not meant to indicate any particular EQE Examination marking scheme.


The questions are broken down into 9 sections :

  • Introduction to European Patent Law
  • Patentabilty and Priority
  • Entitlement - Effect - Information
  • Information - Property - National Impact
  • EPC Procedural Law: From filing to search
  • EPC Procedural Law: From publication to grant
  • EPC Procedural Law: Opposition ' Limitation & Appeal'
  • EPC procedural law: time limits & further processing/re-establishment & amendments - fees
  • The Patent Cooperation Treaty


Study Mode
Go through the questions 1 by 1, starting with a section of your choice.

Test Mode
Test your D1 knowledge with 10 randomly selected questions.

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