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Pre-examination : Training resources

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Training resources for the pre-examination of the European qualifying examination


The pre-examination to be held for the first time in 2012 is in the form of multiple-choice questions with 10 legal questions and 10 questions relating to the drafting of claims. Each question has four sub-questions and each sub-question must be answered either "true" or "false" in pencil on the answer sheet. The pre-exam is a 4 hour paper.

The legal questions assess a candidate's knowledge of fundamental aspects of the law, particularly Articles and Rules relating to EPC and PCT, together with decisions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal.

The questions relating to the drafting of claims assess a candidate's practical knowledge of novelty, inventive step, clarity and the basis for amendments.

Pre-examination background

According to Rule 10 of the Implementing provisions to the Regulation on the European qualifying examination (IPREE), a pre-examination to the European qualifying examination shall be held for the first time in 2012.

A proposal for a possible format for such a pre-examination has been published on the EPO's website on the European qualifying examination, and a mock pre-examination has been organised. This proposal suggests an examination in the form of a multiple choice test. More information can be found on the website on the European qualifying examination , under the section "Announcements".

Training Resources

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