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Pre-examination online training course


Online training for the pre-examination in cooperation with the epi.

Background & details of this course

This pre-examination online training course has been jointly developed by the epi and the European Patent Academy. The course ran for the first time in 2011-2012, for preparation for the 2012 exam. The course covers 40 different modules, each module guides you through an individual topic. This online course is aimed at students preparing for the pre-examination in 2014. The course consists of various e-learning parts including :

  1. In-depth articles on major topics of the examination. These articles have questions associated with them to ensure that the important points of each topic are fully understood.
  2. Further sets of multiple choice questions will be made available for most of the topics.
  3. Video tutorials.
  4. In-depth case studies.
  5. Virtual classroom sessions will give students an opportunity to ask questions in real time. Recording of these will made available online.
  6. Access to a dedicated support forum, on the pre-examination course forum. This part of the forum is only offered to candidates participating in the course.

Pre-exam course contents

A course timeline is available to download. It shows the overall schedule and main topic areas of the course.

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Course timeline 2013-2014

Registration for the course is now closed. The 2013-2014 course is aimed at students taking the pre-examination in 2014. The course contains revised and expanded content from the previous course, taking into account the 2012 & 2013 pre-examination contents. This course is set to start in August 2014 and run up to the exam on February 24th 2014.

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2014 Course Price

This price for the course is €350 for online access until 1/4/2014.


This course is an online course, regular access to the internet is required to access material. The course contents are only offered in English. Access to the course materials will be available up to and including April 1st 2014.

Note: Registration & billing is performed by the epi.

Updated : 22/01/2014