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Welcome to The EQE Wiki!

Welcome to EQE Wiki, brought to you by the European Patent Academy of the EPO. This exciting project aims to produce the ultimate EQE Guide.

This Wiki is your portal into the world of EQE, and importantly, it's yours to edit as well. You can edit pages on this Wiki to add information, and it'll go live straight away. If you want to edit pages you can log in with your EQE Forum credentials.

You may be thinking 'Why have this Wiki when we have the EQE Forum ?', the answer is that this Wiki is for the interesting intricacies of EQE world which don't fit on the main site anywhere. Where would we put a page on Clarity on the main site? Or a page about Priority? This Wiki also provides more information on exam preparation, and much much more. We welcome everyone to try it out !

Content Listing

"All Wiki Content"

A list of all the content on the EQE Wiki. To add a new page, simply change the part of the URL in the address bar from that says Main_Page to your content name and start writing.

Other entries that may interest you

"EQE 2014 Statistics"

A statistical look at the pass rates for the EQE exam in 2014. This page is based on information provided by the Secretariat and contains contains graphs and tables of the break down in candidates results ... more

"Study Guide v2"

An introductory guide for candidates who are considering taking the EQE Examination. This guide provides a study time-line, as well as links to useful resources for these students. This guide is now in version 2, and was published in September 2010 ... more

"My preparation for the EQE"

A series of interviews of students across Europe who have taken the EQE. It outlines their background and their approach the exam ... more

"OJ EPO case law 2014"

Board of Appeal Decisions published in EP Official Journal in 2014. The examination syllabus for EQE requires candidates to be familiar with any case law published in the Official Journal on or before 31 December of the preceding year. Here is a summary of Board of Appeal decisions from OJ EPO as they appear in OJ EPO 2014... more

"OJ decisions notices"

A summary of information from the EPO, published in OJ 2009-2007

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Featured Article

"How to tackle paper A EM"

The first task in Paper A is to draft the independent claim(s). It may seem obvious, but the first step in this task is to read the entire paper at least once, including the information from the client and all the prior art.

2010 Exam Solutions - proposed by forum users

Paper A Chemistry / Paper A Elec Mech

Paper B Chemistry / Paper B Elec Mech

Paper C

Paper D I / Paper D II

Groups of forum users discuss possible solutions for the EQE 2010 exam papers. The progress of their discussions - candidate group solutions, CGS - can be seen here on the respective Wiki pages.

2011 Exam Solutions - proposed by forum users

Paper DI 2011

Groups of forum users discuss possible solutions for the EQE 2011 exam papers at The EQE 2011 exam subforum.

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